JobKeeper Update – Employers can increase hours

A decision today from the Fair Work Commission has cleared up one of the most asked questions regarding JobKeeper.

Many employers have had casual employees refuse shifts.

This has caused frustration for employers because, under JobKeeper, employees are paid before the Government JobKeeper payment is made.

The result is that Employers basically provide these employees with an “interest free loan”. Employers do not receive reimbursement of these payments until the following month. In times when cash flow is important, paying this money to people who refuse to work can be a significant burden on a business.

What does today’s decision mean to JobKeeper Employers?

Today’s decision allows a JobKeeper eligible employer to request any employee to work additional hours and upholds that the employee can not “unreasonably refuse” the request.

The decision confirms that the wage subsidy is to assist employers to maintain employment during COVID-19 and that it is not a welfare payment.

Detail of the decision can be found on the Fair Work Commission Website

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