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We are the Human Resources Consultant Brisbane and Australia Call to Grow their business


Be Compliant

As your Human Resources Consultant, we set in place the foundations you need to maintain compliancy and grow.

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Grow Your People

We put "drivers" in place to grow your business through your workforce, workplace, communications and documentation.


Systemise For Profit

We'll help you systemise and automate processes that enable the management of HR activities.

Are you compliant with Australia's Minimum Employment Standards? Don't get caught out!

Build Your Human Resources capability to drive growth.

A good Human Resources Consultant works with you to build your capability to effectively, efficiently and competently manage the people in your business. Developing your capability ensures the performance of your people is directed to achieving your business goals while ensuring compliance and best practice. Whether your business has 1 or 300 employees, our approach will provide simple and cost effective solutions suitable to the size and needs of your business.

Based in Brisbane, we provide Human Resources Consultant services to clients across all industries and in all states of Australia.

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Outcomes-focussed Solutions

Human Resource Consultant Handbook

Be Compliant

As your Human Resources Consultant we work with you to set up and manage compliance-based systems and processes. This ensures your company meets the minimum legislation and community expectations.

Leadership Mentoring

Grow Your People

We put in place the activities that create “drivers” for business success through the effective use of your people by ensuring your workforce:

  • Is Structured correctly
  • Is Effective and efficient
  • Is Healthy and Safe
  • Is Supported and Developed; and
  • Understands its role in driving results

Human Resource Consultant Systems

Systemise for Profit

Manual HR-related tasks are some of the most time-consuming tasks for any business. We'll help you systemise and automate the activities in “Be Compliant” and "Grow Your People". This results in your business having supporting processes and systems that aid and support business success.

How We Work

Our extensive experience in managing people in business, both in Human Resources and General Management roles, provides us with a unique set of skills to assist you when needed. As your Human Resources Consultant, we will assess your outcomes and needs and then develop a tailored program to give you the support and guidance you need to conquer those hurdles and achieve your goals.
Questions? Ask us!

Examples of issues we help solve

You are starting a business or employing people for the first time.

Our Human Resources Starter Packages can get you up and running in no time!

You have been employing people for a while, but want to make sure you are still compliant.

Our Human Resources Reviews and Checkups can help you ensure you are on track!

You have a problem with one or more people in your business.

We have a reputation as the "people problem solvers"!

You are considering options for restructuring your business.

We can assist you to assess your needs and tailor your workforce to ensure business success.

You are not sure if your team is structured correctly.

Our Workforce Planning Advice Service can help you identify the appropriate structure for your business to achieve its goals!

You are not sure what Award covers your business.

We can help you to identify the correct coverage, ensuring compliant pay rates and conditions in your business.


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Mental Health First Aid Courses

Developed alongside Mental Health First Aid Australia, these courses offer a suite of early-intervention courses that increase mental health literacy and teach the practical skills needed to support someone experiencing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

Already know what you're looking for? Check out our events page to see our upcoming courses.

Available Courses

Standard Mental Health First Aid Course

Standard MHFA

Suitable for adults (18+) in workplaces, schools, and community settings to support other adults. This a 12 hour face-to-face course over two instructor led sessions.

Online Mental Health First Aid Course

Blended Online MHFA

Developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia in response to COVID-19, the Blended Online MHFA Community Course has been adapted from the Standard Mental Health First Aid Course for adults.


Brisbane based, but providing Human Resources Consultant Services all over Australia

Onsite and Online - All over Australia
For over 12 years, we have been the Human Resources Consultant Brisbane and Australia trust. Our dedicated team of HR Professionals provide onsite and online support to our clients across Australia assisting them to achieve their business goals.



What makes us Stand Out as Your Human Resources Consultant?

Our Human Resources Consultant Capabilities

Business focussed Human Resources Consultants

Our Human Resource Consultant Team provides you with expertise based on over 30 years of experience in general and human resources management.

Compliance Building

Compliance is the building block for managing people in your business. Get it right and you can concentrate on what is important – building your business! Our background and experience ensure that your compliance activities allow your business to grow.

Team and individual development

Your team provides you with a competitive advantage over your competitors. Building their performance, as a team and individuals, can improve your advantage in the market. We have the tools to profile, training and develop your team and individuals within it.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is the process of ensuring you have the right people, in the right place, at the right to achieve your business goals. Our processes, tools and experience can assist you in structuring your workforce correctly – creating a real “weapon” in establish your strategic capability and building your business.

Managing Problem Employees

Regardless of the systems you have in place, or your level of management experience, managing people can sometimes be difficult, confusing and confronting. Over 10 years, we have developed a reputation of being the “go to” people for managing difficult situations – providing advice which is compliant, sensible and based on best practice.

Human Resource Management Systems

Building your businesses capability to manage your people is essential in achieving business success. An important element of building this capability is ensuring you have the right systems and processes in place. Whether your system which is online, offline, manual, simple or complicated we can assist the development of a system tailored for your business.


Documentation – a sometimes painful but essential element of managing people in your business. Over many years we have developed documentation for businesses across many industries. Whether your required documentation is an employment agreement, a policy, a procedure or any other document, we can assist you by taking the “pain” away.

A few of our clients who rely and trust in our expertise.

Human Resources Consultant DW Mathers
Human Resource Consultant Client Twigseeds


Human Resources Consultant

Tony Perkins, Director


Tony Perkins is the Founder of People Smartz Pty Ltd, one of Brisbane’s Leading Human Resource Consultants. He is committed to providing practical staff management solutions to business. Tony is a recognised member of the business community with a track record of developing businesses to their potential through people.

Previously Tony has held a number of general and human resource management positions in organisations numbering from 10 to 2500. He has a proven record of implementing and establishing the HR functions within businesses. This extensive experience has covered businesses in the health, hospitality, retail, tourism and aviation sectors.

Tony is a Certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and holds a Bachelor in Business from Monash University majoring in Human Resources and Strategic Management. He has also completed an Advanced Diploma in Communications Management and a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems.

Tony is a certified member of the HR Coach Network. The HR Coach Network is backed by the HR Research Institute which provides research based solutions to the SME market.

Specialties: Executive Coaching, HR Coaching, Team Workshops & Focus Groups, Leadership Coaching, Attraction & Retention Strategies, HR Audit, Performance Management Coaching, Career Workshops, performance based hiring methodologies, Career Mapping, salary negotiations, Self Profiling Programs, Employer Branding

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Jennifer Blaikie

Jenny has had an incredible life, growing up in various remote communities of Papua New Guinea, travelling extensively and living in numerous countries amongst communities of different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Through her experience and background, she has developed a strong sense of compassion, tolerance, empathy and respect.

Jenny is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in intensive care, Community Health, Defence Health and Education. Her clinical experience has seen her working within communities where mental health was a significant player. It has always been something that has been foremost in her mind.

Having always gravitated towards opportunities that would allow her to help others, Jenny is currently volunteering as a Service Manager for Orange Sky Australia. This young, vibrant and innovative not for profit organisation offers free showers, laundry and conversation to those of our community experiencing homelessness. Jenny’s role at Orange Sky Australia sees her managing volunteers to run its ever-expanding laundry services across Brisbane.

She has always been an educator and trainer, from working with Indigenous nursing students on Thursday Island to training and mentoring volunteers at Orange Sky Australia – each of her roles has had an aspect of developing others.

While working with Orange Sky Australia, she was introduced to the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, and very quickly decided this was something where she could use her background and experience to help others.

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