People Smartz named as State Finalist in Telstra Business Awards

Brisbane HR and Business Coaching company People Smartz Pty Ltd has been as a State Finalist in the 2013 Telstra Business Awards.  This recognition is for its outstanding work with the ‘engine room’ of the Queensland economy—small to medium sized businesses—
In an economic environment that sees many small businesses struggle to survive beyond their first year, People Smartz Pty is determined to buck that trend and provide the tools and guidance they need to thrive.  While People Smartz Pty Ltd measures its success by the success of the businesses it helps, being one of only six companies shortlisted in the Queensland Telstra Micro-Business Award category is welcome recognition in a competitive field.

Established in 2009, People Smartz Pty Ltd’s Director Tony Perkins saw an opportunity to more effectively customise coaching services to meet the vastly different needs of businesses and to focus on their real drivers—their people.

“People are often talked about as being the greatest asset of any business, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach to business management cannot provide the flexibility required to build the capacity of people within a business,” Tony says.

“On top of that, human resources and workplace health and safety legislation is complicated, and business compliance could quite easily consume all of a business owner’s time, distracting them from actively driving business performance.

“People Smartz understands this—we work with businesses to get a clear picture of what they need, where they’re struggling and where they’d like to be. We then provide them with the right resources and services that are easy to understand and implement, to improve their productivity, performance and profitability.

“Ultimately, we aim to give their people the tools and guidance they need to become self-sufficient, so we can get out of their way and they can get on with their business.”

Since 1992, the Telstra Australian Business Awards have celebrated Australian entrepreneurs and innovators and recognised the work of small to medium businesses. Tony and People Smartz are proud to be part of such a high profile and well-recognised industry awards program.

“At People Smartz we share the success of our shortlisting with our clients—in fact one of them shares a position on the same shortlist! Whether we win or not, we’ll continue to demonstrate the behaviours and actions that are essential to developing a good business.”

Winners of the 2013 Telstra Queensland Business Awards will be announced at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane on Tuesday 16 July.

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