Calculating Pays From Modern Awards

One of the most common complaints employers receive from employees is about the calculating of pays.

In Australia, the majority of businesses operate under a Modern Award (or a number of Modern Awards).  Modern Awards set minimum standards for a particular industry, type of business or employee category.  Included within these minimum standards are hourly rate of pay, penalty rates and overtime.

It is important point to note is that no two Modern Awards are the same.  Hourly rates and the way penalty and overtime are applied can vary across Modern Awards.  This means that two employees in the same business may have different entitlements.  This can make calculating pays difficult.

PayCheck Plus is Fair Work Australia’s online application for calculating pay under a modern award. You can:

  • use it to find base pay rates, allowances, overtime and penalty rates
  • calculate pay rates per hour, or for entire shifts worked over 7 days
  • print, export and save your selections.

The following video provides you with a step by step guide for using the application:

It can be accessed from Pay Check Plus (Please note: this link takes you to the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website)

This application is a good tool for use by businesses without a dedicated payroll system and who pay in accordance with the Modern Award system.  However, it does imply some assumed knowledge – if you do need any assistance, please feel free to give us a call – Contact Us

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