National Communications Charter

People Smartz Pty Ltd is proud to announce it has become a signatory to the National Communications Charter.

National Communications Charter Signatory

What is the National Communications Charter?

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) is a document designed to guide the way people in the various sectors of government, business and communities talk about mental ill-health and suicide. it provides an opportunity to play a role in reducing stigma around mental illness and suicide while also promoting help-seeking behaviour through guiding principles and messages.

The Principles

There are eight principles in The Charter which have been developed to guide the way we talk about mental health and suicide prevention. They are:

1. Make mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention a national priority.5. Use appropriate and person-centered language in all our communication.
2. Share nationally consistent information and messages.6. Work together to maximise our efforts and resources.
3. Base advocacy and awareness-raising efforts on clear, consistent and evidence-based messages.7. Acknowledge those with lived experience of mental ill-health or lived experience of suicide.
4. Respect the diversity of experience of those affected by mental ill-health or suicide.8. Promote crisis services and help-seeking information

Want to know more about the Charter?

To find out more go to the Life in Mind Website

Could you implement the Charter in Your business?

We encourage everyone, including our clients and partners to consider becoming signatories to The Charter. The Charter has a supporting Action Guide to assist you to utilise the principals in your business.

Download your action guide from: Action Guide to support implementation of The Charter – Life in Mind Australia

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