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Every year I have written an article for our website about people management in your business for Christmas. Very quickly, the season is approaching again.

Because of this, on Tuesday 23 November at Midday (Brisbane Time), I will be hosting a short webinar on managing people in your business for Christmas

This webinar is titled “Your Business, Your People @ Christmas. Presented in our popular ‘lunch and learn” format, it comprises of:

  • a 20-25 minute presentation followed by; and,
  • a Q&A session where you can ask questions about your business

Who should attend this Webinar in Your Business?

Should you attend this webinar? The answer is yes, if you are an Owner, Manager or Supervisor in a business – particularly if some of the following apply to you:

  • You are considering closing down your business over the Christmas Period.
  • You need to manage annual leave when your business closes down.
  • I do not know what the compliance requirements are that revolve around closing your business
  • You are not sure how to manage the many public holidays over the Christmas Period.
  • Setting up the Staff Christmas Party? How do you set things up so everyone enjoys themselves and has a positive experience?

Is this Just another Webinar on “Compliance”

Our webinars cover the management of people in businesses – with this webinar concentrating on managing people at Christmas.

Because of this, It is not all about “Christmas Compliance”.

Our focus will be to help you lead and manage your people well over this stressful period. By doing this we help you to reduce the risk to you, your team members and encourage strong business performance.

How to register to Attend

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