New Fixed-Term Employment Rules in Australia: A Guide


As we delve into the dynamic world of employment regulations, it’s crucial to grasp the transformative changes taking effect in Australia from December 6, 2023.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the critical modifications and carve out a clearer path to understanding your rights and responsibilities.

Understanding the Basics of Fixed-Term Employment:

Commencing on December 6, 2023, three key limitations reshape the terrain of fixed-term contracts:

  1. Duration Limit: Contracts are capped at two years, extensions included.
  2. Renewal Restrictions: Contracts face limitations, allowing only one extension or renewal option.
  3. Consecutive Contract Limits: New fixed-term contracts encounter restrictions under specific conditions.

Exceptions to the Rules:

However, amid these regulations, certain fixed-term contracts enjoy exceptions:

  • Contracts for specialised skills, training arrangements, and essential work during peak periods find themselves exempt.
  • High-income roles, government-funded positions, and governance positions fall outside the purview of these regulations.
  • Additional exceptions until June 30, 2024, include organised sport, live performance industry employees, higher education employees, high-performance sport (international events), and funding by philanthropic entities.

Implications and Penalties:

Venturing beyond these limitations triggers consequences:

  • The specified end date loses its automatic validity, paving the way for potential civil penalties.
  • Employers attempting to sidestep these regulations face the brunt of anti-avoidance protections.

Resolving Disputes:

IIn the event of conflicts:

  • A structured resolution process becomes paramount, involving discussions at the workplace level and, if necessary, elevating the dispute to the Fair Work Commission.

The Fixed-Term Contract Information Statement Requirement:

Alongside understanding the rules, employers must be mindful of providing employees with a copy of the Fixed-Term Contract Information Statement.

Download the latest version: Fixed Term Contract Information Statement – Fair Work Ombudsman

As per Fair Work guidelines, the Fixed-Term Contract Information Statement can be shared through various channels, ensuring fixed-term employees receive the version applicable at the start of their employment agreement.


A thorough comprehension of these changes fortifies both employers and employees in navigating Australia’s shifting fixed-term employment landscape in 2023. Whether grappling with a dispute or seeking guidance, organisations such as the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission stand ready to provide support. Remember, knowledge is the linchpin to fostering equilibrium in the workplace under Australia’s 2023 fixed-term employment rules.

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