Managing Workplace Stress During COVID-19

Workplaces are operating within an environment totally alien to that in which they worked only a short period ago. Change like this can be difficult for people. Now is a good time for business owners to review their methods for managing workplace stress.

what is workplace stress?

Workplace Stress occurs when an individual has a physical, mental or emotional reaction to a situation in the workplace.

What can increase stress in workplace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased levels of uncertainty and social stress factors.

Potential stress triggers for your employees can vary depending on your workplace. These include:

  • Exposure to violence or aggressive behaviour
  • An increase or decrease in demands of work
  • Working in an isolated manner
  • Little or no support from management
  • Below standard working conditions, or
  • Poor management of change

How can I Manage stress?

it is recommended by Safe Work Australia you follow the following four step process:

  1. Identify Risks and Hazards

    Identify the risks and hazards present within your workplace. Discuss these with your employees, inspect the workplace and review how your workers interact.

  2. Assess Risks and Hazards

    What is the outcome if your employees are exposed to the identified hazards and risks?

  3. Control the Risks and Hazards

    Eliminate identified risks and hazards from your workplace. If you are can not eliminate the risks, act to prevent the risk as much as possible.

  4. Review your Control Measures

    Implement and review the control measures you have put in place.

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