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In a lot of businesses, appraisal time is one of tension and sometimes confusion. 

At times, employees are surprised to be told about “issues” which have been around for a long time, but have not been addressed.

Manager’s are stressed because they have to sometimes handle unpleasant realities.  They are further annoyed by the amount of time the appraisals take them away from their “real job”.

It is particularly stressful for everyone when a person’s salary,commission or bonus has a dependance on the appraisal.

In such organisations, the appraisals are a time to look back on performance and as a result what develops is a reactive approach to business and individual development.  Appraisals are seen as a chore that “most be done”.

It has been well know for many years that such an approach is basically bad for business for all these reasons and more.  Where this is occurring, or where there is no process at all, business owners and managers are missing a great opportunity for driving their business forward.

By initiating a proactive, goal orientated performance management system (rather than backward looking appraisals), business owners and managers can drive activities to achieve strategic aims.  Individual and business progress towards goals can be monitored and communicated ensuring everyone is aware of this progress.  Corrective action can be taken to address performance, knowledge or experience issues as they are identified.  In the end, everyone is what is expected of the business as a whole and themselves as individuals.

More importantly – once a year appraisal time becomes an all year round, “the way we do things” process which is forward looking and driving the business.

Doesn’t that sound like the right way to do things?

Such systems are not the domain of big business or corporate.  In fact in small to medium size businesses the development of such programs can have impressive impact, encourages participation and spreads out accountability throughout the business.  This is particularly important in small business where the owners are always spread thin!

At People Smartz, we can help you develop a system suitable for you business, regardless of size or industry.  As an added extra, our coaches can further assist you in the implementation by coaching owners and managers in how to deal with performance and productivity issues as they appear. 

Learn more about our HR Coaching Programs and then contact us for assistance!

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