Workplace Advisory Companies – Action Finally

Back in July 2013, we posted an article warning about the dangers of HR Consultancies (or Workplace Advisory Companies) making misleading and inappropriate claims regarding their ability to “guarantee” compliance.

You can read this article here – Industrial Relations and Workplace Health and Safety – Your Obligations Belong to You

The same HR Consultancies we were writing about in that article have continued their aggressive and misleading marketing since that time.  They have continued to make claims about their services and their affiliations which are misleading – I personally have sat in “information sessions” conducted by one of these companies where they have made claims which have been designed to be effective in achieving their marketing and sales aims but have mislead their potential consumer.

On top of it all, the services provided are expensive, lock in clients to long term and hard to break contracts and contain many elements of “fine print” that effectively invalidate any “insurance” available with the services.

On 4 July, the Fair Work Ombudsman released a press release on these activities – I recommend you read it, it may be at least four years to late but it is good to see some communication to officially address the issue:

Statement from the Fair Work Ombudsman: Private firms and workplace advisory services

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